About retreat

This invitation from Jesus is still valid today: come with me to a place where we - you and me - can be alone, where you can rest your daily obligations to hear my voice in the talking silence.

In a retreat, you consciously seek a place of silence to feel your own and God's heartbeat again. All too often we lose contact with ourselves and with God in everyday life, because we are strongly challenged in our place in the family, in the community and in society. Then it is important to take time to feel Jesus' love and caring to be near again. You come the way you are, not to portray something or to achieve it. You come to receive and be touched by Jesus.

Such "desert times" can be times of spiritual growth. In a retreat, it is only allowed to read the Bible for you and listen to what God wants to say to you personally. Such a sudden encounter with the text can go far deeper than hearing a sermon - the Holy Spirit uses the text to speak into your life.

The retreat is structured by a fixed daily routine: church services, meals and quiet prayer times. Above all, the silence is distinctive - unfamiliar, but essential, because it opens the inner space within us. The Bible is widely used in devotions and there is also opportunity for personal talks. Jesus becomes tangible through the Word, the Lord's Supper, the silence and the fellowship. Being aware of His presence is central. He is risen! He permeates everything! He is in the middle of us!


All those who enjoy being with children can come to a family retreat, with or without their own children.

At a family retreat, the children are a natural part of the retreat. The format is adjusted to children of all ages. At a family retreat, of course, there is not quite as much silence as in an adult retreat, but the general atmosphere is characterized by silence and peace. A retreat can be a lot of fun for the kids if we get involved and ask about their needs.

In the chapel during devotions we try to keep the silence. In the morning we meet with children and adults for short church services in the chapel. We strive to make it so that children feel comfortable. The liturgical form gives security to adults and children, while devotions are more about seeing and experiencing. In the afternoon there is a joint excursion on some days where you can enjoy something warm. A retreat should be an opportunity for the family to consciously spend time together. In free times without a program you can for example walk to one of the huts or play on the premises with the children, visit the animals or be inside with them.

While adults have their prayer times, the children are in children's or youth groups. Depending on their age, they are divided into small groups. Each has its own leader. Here is the same Bible text that adults also get told and talk about according to their age. There is a lot of playing indoors and outdoors, tinkering, reading and on the last evening there is a feast with a lot of fun. In the evening there are babysitters for families with small children.

One of the cabins, or the old barn, is a great place for families with children. In the spacious family rooms, the playroom and the exciting interior, which shows how 100 years ago worked on a farm like Lia, all children feel comfortable. In addition, it is possible to have a good time on the large sports field or take a swim in Storsjøen.


Groups are very welcome in Lia. With a large conference and several smaller group rooms, as well as the possibility of various sports activities Lia Gård is just as suitable for small groups as for large groups up to 60 people. For this you can rent the barn completely. You can choose between self-catering and half board (breakfast, dinner and packed lunches).


With its seclusion, nature and tranquility, Lia Gård is a great place to be for yourself - yet in company. Particularly suitable for this are the three small huts, which are scattered over the area. Also in Nylia one can comfortably be a recluse. There are cozy rooms with a terrace, a library and a fireplace room overlooking the large lake. In addition, you have the opportunity for personal discussions and participation in the three daily Liturgies.

When we do a retreat, for a while we withdraw from the stressful world in which we work and reign daily. It's about turning our attention to Jesus, that He can work in us - to give us peace in body and soul. Therefore, leave your job at home for this time. Here you do not need to receive any mail and do not plan big tourist trips or shopping trips with your family. (The nearest city is 150 km away anyway).

Also do not take CD / mp3 player, notebook, as it will distract you and others and interfere with your use of it. The phone should also be off. Instead, bring a Bible and good outdoor equipment, ie rubber boots or solid, waterproof hiking boots and rain jacket. There will be ample opportunity for smaller walks in the forest. Anti-mosquito spray you should also have in the summer.