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The Jesus Prayer - A contemplative retreat

Introduction to the Jesus Prayer

The Jesus Prayer or "Prayer of the Heart" is the oldest form of Christian contemplation. Its origin goes back to the Egyptian desert fathers of the 4th century. (Evagrius: Pure Prayer ; Cassian: Centering Prayer). Especially on the Greek Mount Athos and in Russian monasteries this kind of Jesus Prayer is being cultivated and practiced until today. While praying, our breath joins with a Christian mantra (repeating phrase): ”Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me“ - or just the name of Jesus Christ.

In the last three decades a couple of new schools of the Jesus Prayer were founded in Western Europe. Andreas Ebert and Anne Mayer-Thormählen are students of the Hungarian Jesuit Franz Jalics, who has been teaching his version of the Prayer to thousands of students within 30 years. We recommend his book „Contemplative Retreat“ which is available at

The participants of the retreat will be guided step by step on their inner way. The Prayer can be practiced in a sitting position or while walking. Silence, spiritual direction by the leaders, sharing groups and the daily celebration of the Holy Communion will be part of the spiritual process as well.

For partition a balanced mental state is required. All teaching will be in English. The day is structured by liturgical prayers in the church, periods of silence and meditation.

Andreas Ebert

Born in 1952, lutheran pastor, counsellor and leader of the Spiritual Centre “St. Martin am Glockenbach” in Mu- nich, Germany. He is the author of books about the “Enneagramm” and other spiritual topics.

Retreaten holdes på engelsk. Mer info om program kommer.


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