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A Walk for life - Labyrinthretreat with the great teacher and artist Gernot Candolini

“The labyrinth is not a place to get lost, but to find yourself. In the labyrinth you do not meet the minotaur, but yourself.
— Hermann Kern

Walking Toward the Center: The Labyrinth

The labyrinth is one of the oldest symbolic figures of mankind. For millennia it has been scratched into rock or clay, painted on pottery, laid out with stones on the ground or drawn in old manuscripts. The labyrinth is not only a nice design, but a metaphor of the life path. It is our journey through time reflecting major life themes: departures, turnings, through backs, examinations, achievements, and the mysteries and grace of being lead. Dealing with the labyrinth, walking it is like looking into a mirror. Life’s questions and answers rise up and are able to open some interesting insights about one self, life itself, God and the world. We will learn about the mystery of the labyrinth, talk, draw and walk the new labyrinth at Lia.

Gernot Candolini

Gernot Candolini (*1959) is a Montessori teacher and works as an author, photographer and designer of labyrinths. The labyrinth as a symbol has got a new rennaissanse through his work.

He himself has planned and built 40 labyrinths in Europe.

He is one of the few number one experts on the topic and has written several books about the labyrinth. One of them describes the journey from labyrinth to labyrinth and has been translated into English and is available via Amazon: Labyrinths – Walking towards.

Later Event: June 15
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